ASPsoftware wins progress visionary award with wastedge.com solution


Source: Wastedge.com

Wastedge is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, based on the Progress OpenEdge business application development platform.

Nick Bashara, managing director of Progress Software said ASPsoftware's solution is innovative in the way it uses the Progress development platform to allow users to perform a range of tasks.

'ASPsoftware's Wastedge system exploits the openness and advanced integration capabilities of the Progress OpenEdge platform to combine with other applications like Google Maps to create mash-ups, rich Web 2.0 self-service user interfaces and integration out to field staff mobiles that deliver significant operational efficiencies for waste collection and disposal companies,' he said.

'From assigning prices by map area and validating street addresses against map data, to optimising routes, predicting job travel times and load balancing driver commitments, Wastedge offers a rich visual interface that empowers users and adds enormous value and efficiency to the client organisation.

'We're proud to partner with ASPsoftware and to recognise their technical vision and innovation with this award,' he said.

Terry Daley CEO ASPsoftware said Progress had played an important role in guiding his company's technology directions and providing a rapid application development environment that supports the multi-plug-ins capability and connectivity required of modern 21st century collaborative applications.

'Progress is way ahead of the pack when it comes to advising its partners about the latest empowerment programs, Progress has actively encouraged us to work in multi-tenant, on demand, multi-application SaaS ecosystems, providing invaluable input about technology advances and directions,' he said.

The event was held at a recent Australian Partners Awards dinner in The Rocks, Sydney.

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