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Assistance in the salvage of clean air with Herts Essex Recycling


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Filtrex Global are pleased to confirm its on-going association with Herts Essex Recycling, a professional recycling management company that is committed to 100% recycling for waste disposal requirements.

Filtrex Global provides products and systems that are energy efficient, and ensure that installations are adequately maintained to prevent environmental issues.

HVAC systems with clogged filters decrease air flow, causing the systems to work harder, which in turn increases energy consumption.  The same goes for the condition of ducting; if ducts along with coils and filters are dirty or in a bad condition, it not only promotes poor air quality through nasty pollutants but also puts extra strain on the fan.  Therefore, regularly replacing filters and maintaining  clean air duct systems assists in reducing our carbon footprint.

Filtrex Global offer a filter supply and fit called Logic 50.  The Logic 50 package provides scheduled filter replacement and disposal of used filters.  On receiving the used filters from us, Herts Essex Recycling dispose of the filters by first extracting any metal.  The rest is then shredded and used for Refuse Derived fuels.

Logic 50 can also include regular cleaning and maintenance, including the option for ductwork cleaning.

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