Assured Automation Reports on Metering and Monitoring Water Consumption Across America’s Golf Courses


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CLARK, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The economic challenges currently facing America’s golf courses boil down to four major problems: the impact of the recession, two decades of over-construction, a lack of new players, and increased water costs.

With unemployment in the US hovering around 10%, and underemployment between 5 and 6%, many golfers are either reducing their annual golf expenditures or walking away from the course entirely. Couple that with decreased green fees resulting from the construction of more than 3,000 new US golf facilities between 1990 and 2003, a dismal real estate market linked to many US courses, and a 27% increase in water costs across the US over the last five years, and it becomes clear why so many superintendents are searching for opportunities to cut costs.

Many of the opportunities to reign in maintenance and utility costs, however, require significant investments in new irrigation systems, turf grasses, and course construction. Too often, these are not viable options for struggling courses.

Luckily, the most effective tool to address runaway water bills, which currently cost the average 18-hole US golf course more than $107,800 each year, costs only a few hundred dollars. Inexpensive, durable water meters, like the TM Series Digital Water Meter sold by Assured Automation, provide a quantitative analysis of water consumption. By calculating irrigation rates and volumes, water meters help superintendents detect and limit waste, reducing overall costs.

What’s more, by decreasing water usage, water meters can help superintendents create fast and firm playing conditions to attract new players.

By installing a bypass line for the water meter, superintendents can protect their meters from unnecessary damage and allow for easy meter maintenance and replacement. Installing Assured Automation’s PTP Series 3-way PVC ball valves both upstream and downstream of the meter is recommended.

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