ASTM and DCL Cooperate on Upcoming Sustainable Construction Conference


Source: ASTM International

Event To Take Place December 10–11 in Dubai

Nick Ecart, sixth from left, meets with staff of the Dubai Municipality’s Dubai Central Laboratory to sign the cooperation agreement for this year’s Quality Assurance Conference.

ASTM International and Dubai Municipality’s Dubai Central Laboratory have signed a cooperation agreement to organize and support this year’s Quality Assurance Conference for Sustainable Construction Materials. The event will take place Dec. 10-11 at The Address Downtown Dubai Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Signed by Hawa Bastaki, director of Dubai Central Laboratory, and Nick Ecart, director, ASTM International sales, Europe, Middle East and Africa, the agreement acknowledges the importance of quality and sustainability in the construction sector. It also reinforces a commitment to mutually strengthening professional knowledge and providing a venue where quality assurance is the focus.

This will be the second time the conference is held. Last year’s event, which also took place in December in Dubai, attracted local and regional government legislators, construction professionals, manufacturers and researchers.

International experts and specialists will again be in attendance this year. Describing the event, Bastaki says, “The conference will focus on the role of quality building materials in achieving higher standards for sustainability and safety in buildings, roads and bridges. The main objective of the conference is to obtain a better understanding of the overarching policies and future strategies of the government of Dubai and its practical implementation in design, construction and maintenance processes.”

Nick Ecart explains that DCL and ASTM have agreed to develop and implement a working relationship to provide support for the event. “ASTM International is proud to partner with DCL in this important conference; ASTM has decades of experience of joint work and cooperation with DCL in a variety of fields.”

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