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ASTM D1566 - 11 standard terminology relating to rubber


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1. Scope

1.1 This terminology covers definitions of technical terms used in the rubber industry. Terms that are generally understood or adequately defined in other readily available sources are not included.

1.2 Definitions for terms that have been established by other bodies recognized as expert in the field will, after ballot approval, be inserted in this terminology without change, and the source of the definition will be identified. Exceptions to this rule will be where the meaning of the term as used in the rubber industry is different from the common meaning of the term.

1.3 Users of this terminology who require mathematical expressions for the time and temperature dependent physical properties of some terms found in this standard should refer to Guide D5992 and other standards listed under referenced documents. Selected terms from Guide D5992 may be found in Annex A1.

1.4 Although this terminology standard avoids the inclusion of jargon and archaic terms as much as possible, some terms have been retained for historical reasons.

2. Referenced Documents (purchase separately)

ASTM Standards
D412 Test Methods for Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers--Tension
D925 Test Methods for Rubber Property--Staining of Surfaces (Contact, Migration, and Diffusion)
D1076 Specification for Rubber--Concentrated, Ammonia Preserved, Creamed, and Centrifuged Natural Latex
D1148 Test Method for Rubber Deterioration--Discoloration from Ultraviolet (UV) and Heat Exposure of Light-Colored Surfaces
D1415 Test Method for Rubber Property--International Hardness
D1646 Test Methods for Rubber--Viscosity, Stress Relaxation, and Pre-Vulcanization Characteristics (Mooney Viscometer)
D1765 Classification System for Carbon Blacks Used in Rubber Products
D3053 Terminology Relating to Carbon Black
D5992 Guide for Dynamic Testing of Vulcanized Rubber and Rubber-Like Materials Using Vibratory Methods
D6085 Practice for Sampling in Rubber Testing--Terminology and Basic Concepts
E6 Terminology Relating to Methods of Mechanical Testing
E20 Practice for Particle Size Analysis of Particulate Substances in the Range of 0.2 to 75 UM by Optical Microscopy
E28 Test Methods for Softening Point of Resins Derived from Naval Stores by Ring-and-Ball Apparatus
E111 Test Method for Youngs Modulus, Tangent Modulus, and Chord Modulus
E126 Test Method for Inspection, Calibration, and Verification of ASTM Hydrometers

ISO Standards
1382-82 Rubber-Vocabulary Second Edition (Addendum 16-18-1998)

Index Terms

Rubber property analysis; Terminology ;

ICS Code

ICS Number Code 01.040.83 (Rubber and plastics industries (Vocabularies)); 83.060 (Rubber)

DOI: 10.1520/D1566-11

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