ASTM E2226 - 11 Standard Practice for Application of Hose Stream


Source: ASTM International

Significance and Use

This practice is intended to standardize the apparatus used and the method or pattern of application of a standard hose stream to building elements as one part of the assessment and fire resistance of building elements.

This practice specifies the water pressure and duration of application of the hose stream to the test assembly.

This practice is intended to be used only after a test assembly has completed a prescribed standard fire-resistance test.

The practice exposes a test assembly to a standard hose stream under controlled laboratory conditions.

Pass/fail criteria are defined in the appropriate fire test method.

This exposure is not intended to replicate typical fire fighting operations or all applied or impact loads a system could be subjected to in field use and conditions.

Any variation from tested conditions has the potential of substantially changing the performance characteristics determined by this practice.

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