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ASTM Launches Online Nuclear Portal


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New Section of Website Collects ASTM Nuclear-Related Work in a Single Resource

ASTM International standards play an important role throughout the nuclear energy industry. In order to collect the nuclear-related activity being conducted across its committees, ASTM has added a nuclear portal to its website. The portal, which gathers together all of ASTM’s standards developing activities in the nuclear field, can be viewed here.

“The launch of the nuclear portal is important because it connects all of ASTM’s nuclear-related standards activity,” says Katharine Morgan, vice president, technical committee operations, ASTM International. “This new website aggregates committee-specific information into a holistic view of ASTM standards and resources for an industry sector.”

The nuclear portal brings together the latest information on newly published ASTM standards, proposed new standards and revisions to current standards, nuclear-related ASTM standards developing committees and subcommittees, schedules of upcoming meetings and symposia, and video presentations from nuclear industry officials.

In addition, the portal features a blog in which visitors can post comments or questions related to nuclear industry standardization.

The portal brings together standards from dozens of subcommittees that are under the jurisdiction of more than 30 different ASTM International committees, particularly Committees C26 on Nuclear Fuel Cycle and E10 on Nuclear Technology and Applications. Each of these groups develops standards that impact the nuclear energy field, from guides and practices for spent nuclear fuel to practices for the use of dosimetry in radiation processing.

Other ASTM committees represented in the portal include:

  • A01 on Steel, Stainless Steel and Related Alloys;
  • C01 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates;
  • D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants;
  • D18 on Soil and Rock; and
  • D19 on Water.

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