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Astro Engineering and Manufacturing Increases Laser Cutting Capacity


Laser Cutting Capacity

Minneapolis, Minnesota – Oct 18, 2012 --

Astro Engineering and Manufacturing increases laser cutting capacity with purchase of a Mazak STX-510 2500 Watt Laser Cutter.  This machine is complete with a load/unload system and with the programming software Radan, it can operate unattended for high efficiency and cost savings.  This laser cuts up to ¾” Mild Steel, 3/8” Stainless Steel, and ¼” Aluminum, and has a bed size of 5’ by 10’.

Laser cutting is one of the most efficient ways to cut precise metal shapes which is often one of the first steps in the sheet metal fabrication process.   Another cutting method used by sheet metal fabricators is plasma cutting, producing a rougher, less precise cut, but utilizing lower cost machinery. Water-jet cutting is especially useful and economical for thicker plate metals, but is much slower (and expensive) than laser cutting for thinner sheet metal.  As a general rule, if it can be cut on a laser, then laser cutting is lower cost than water-jet cutting.  It is important to choose the appropriate metal fabrication method for the metal thickness, the metal type, the preciseness of the cuts needed, and the desired edge quality needed. 

Laser cutting can be used to cut a wide variety of materials: metal, wood, plastics, silicon wafers, paper, glass and more.  Being Astro is a metal fabricator; we of course choose a laser cutter that is built for cutting metal.  We chose this Mazak laser in order to provide the best quality cutting coupled with the lowest expense for mid-weight sheet stock of stainless or carbon steel. We are expecting lower maintenance costs and good accessibility to Mazak technicians. The load/unload system is simple, reliable, and effective. It is for these reasons that we are able to deliver good parts for a good price.

We are currently cutting a lot of auger flighting for the screw conveyors we manufacture, the metal shapes for the beginning of store fixtures, machine components, brackets, covers, doors, endplates, and more. This more powerful laser greatly increases the amount we can run through, and at a lower cost. We’re looking to help others who need good parts faster and at lower cost. 


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Astro Engineering & Manufacturing designs and manufactures metal parts and equipment to customer specifications for OEM’s, the construction industry, and food processing industry. Weprovide prompt and excellent service to our customers from design to demand fulfillment, exceeding all the requirements of a full-service metal fabricator. From shearing and sawing, to punching, laser cutting, forming and machining, to certified welding: We Make Metal Perform.   


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