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At last some common sense on the fight against global warming


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The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the second part of its latest report on climate change in April.

In addition to actions such as a four-fold increase in solar, wind, nuclear and carbon-capture and storage, the IPCC state that replacing coal-fired stations with modern gas-fired generation would “significantly reduce” greenhouse gas emissions.

The ‘green lobby’ has been over vociferous in its condemnation of any type of fossil-fuel power generation. The net result is that new power stations have not been built, and the use of old coal-fired power stations has been extended.

The shale gas revolution in the USA has resulted in a large number of modern, efficient gas-fired power stations being built and greenhouse gas emissions have plummeted as a result.

Renewable energy is a vital component in the fight against global warming, but it needs to be part of a mix. The UK is heading for an energy crisis where demand could outstrip supply. We need new gas-fired power stations now - both to ensure continuity of supply and to reduce greenhouse gases.

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