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Offering a full range of services for ALL of your recycling needs. Whether you purchase one piece of equipment or an entire system – eFACTOR3 is “at your service.” We continuously work with clients and their installations, providing them with engineered drawings, professional consultations, on-site project management and on-site service management.

With a combined 25+ years of experience in the design of systems for the plastic recycling, waste-to-energy, wood and paper industry, we can incorporate your existing equipment, offering new ideas all while utilizing our high level of expertise and experience for your recycling needs. Call today to find out how we can help you create, develop and complete your upcoming projects.

Contact Hartmut Bendfeldt or Ken Evans at 1.877.801.3232

Here’s a short 3-D animation of one such installation managed by eFACTOR3. This new RDF/PEF line installed at a cement plant in Bulgaria enables the facility to process separated non-recyclable waste such as plastics, paper, wood, textiles and other solid waste and use the fuel for its kilns.

'Innovation Tour' Winds Down
Waste Expo Wraps Up Great Show Season

It's been a great show season for us at eFACTOR3. We had the opportunity to meet many of you at various venues and cities across the USA and Canada. Our last stop at Waste Expo in New Orleans wrapped up our 'Innovation Tour' for this first half of the year. We'll be adding future Events to our website soon. In the meantime, feel free to contact us if we can be of further assistance.

Download a copy of the latest eFACTOR3 brochure HERE.

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