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This year again, atech innovations gmbh will take part in one of theleading general shows about the environment and energy industries in Europe, the 26th POLLUTEC in Lyon/France.

This year again, atech innovations gmbh will take part in one of theleading general shows about the environment and energy industries in Europe, the 26th POLLUTEC in Lyon/France.

atech innovations gmbh, based in Gladbeck, has been active since 1989 in the distribution and, since 1992, also in in the development and production of high-quality ceramic membranes for a wide variety of industrial applications. 17 staff members are there to support customers all over the world from the chemical, biotechnological, food and beverages industries and from the waste water treatment/recycling industry.
A wide variety of membrane designs are available for crossflow filtration. Ranging from single- to multi channel modules and diameters from 1,2µm to 1 kD, atech innovations offers all types of ceramic membranes and pressure vessels that comply with ASME Code and EC Directive
Ceramic membranes made by atech are primarily used when polymer membranes reach their limits. Due to their excellent material properties ceramic membranes ensure process stability and boast a high pressure resistance. In addition, they are resistant to concentrated caustic solutions and acids, offer a high flux and can be backpulsed. They only require a little pre-treatment and a minimum of technical care. In addition, they are very easy to clean.

Compared with ceramic membranes from other manufacturers we boast a production process that does without ceramic binders or other additives. For the production of our membranes we only use aluminum oxide with a purity of over 99%.
The ceramic membranes are arranged in pressure vessels to form modules.
Filter surfaces are available in sizes ranging from 0.05 m² for test purposes to more than 30 m² per vessel for large-scale applications. It is a matter of course for us to manufacture bigger units for special applications, if requested.

For applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries special vessel designs are available which meet all requirements of sanitary standards (e.g. US 3-A).
Due to their design these vessels provide perfect cleaning and sterilizing capability (use of CIP and SIP systems is possible). To complement our range of products, we offer special plastic modules that have been developed especially for use with highly corrosive media.
Initially, our ceramic membranes were used in waste water technology systems. Meanwhile, they are either successfully applied or offer a possible solution in all industries involving filtration of media. The benefits of our products are much sought after, particularly in the food, environmental and chemical industries.

Environmental protection / waste water technology
In the field of environmental protection / waste water technology we filter the following substances for cleaning, concentrating or separating purposes:

  • Cleaning solvents
  • Cooling lubricants / drilling emulsions
  • Cell separation after heavy duty biological processes
  • Pickling baths, etc.

Biotechnology / chemical industry
In chemical and biotechnological applications, we use our ceramic membranes successfully for protein concentration, cell separation, recovery of catalysts, filtration of dyestuffs, and more.

Solutions for biotechnology and for the chemical industry include filtration, cleaning, separation or recovery of:

  • Bacteria, yeasts, ... (fermenter solutions)
  • Proteins
  • Dyestuffs
  • Catalyst liquids

Food industry
In the food and beverages industry, ceramic membranes made by atech innovations gmbh are used for filtering or clarifying beverages such as beer, wine and fruit juices, and for fractionating milk proteins.

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