ATEX approval awarded for ABLE Xentaur XPDM Portable Dewpoint meter


Source: Able Instruments & Controls Ltd

ABLE are pleased to announce the award of ATEX approval on their Xentaur XPDM Portable Dewpoint Meter, negating the need for hot work permits to be issued for use in hazardous areas.

The portable meter is used for fast and precise spot checks of moisture in gasses over the range of minus 100oC to plus 20oC dewpoint. Aluminum oxide sensors adsorb much faster than they desorb water molecules. It is an advantage, if at the beginning of the measurement the sensor is dryer than the sample to be measured. The XPDM keeps the sensor in dry storage until the measurement is taken. The sensor slides directly from the dry storage into the sample cell, without coming in to contact with ambient air. After the measurement is completed, the sensor slides back into the dry storage, where it is dried down for the next sample.

The XPDM high speed portable dewpoint meter is an industry leader in electrical insulating gasses, SF6 measurements and recommended by leading military research institutes for welding and joining gas measurement. It is also the instrument of choice for the petrochemical industry, leading cryogenic and speciality gas producers and the largest natural gas pipeline system. Amongst others, it is widely used within the aerospace, heat treating, LNG/LPG and medical & breathing air industries.

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