Atkins partners on major Southern Water Framework


Source: Atkins

Southern Water has signed up design and engineering consultancy Atkins and IT services and consulting firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to help the company improve water resources, the environment and customer service.

A four-year agreement has been drawn up, with the two firms providing engineering and asset management support to help upgrade Southern Water’s 370 Wastewater Treatment Works, 94 Water Treatment Works, 2197 pumping stations, over 21,000km of sewer pipes and 13,400km of water mains.

Between 2005 and 2010 Southern Water is investing £1.8 billion in better services and operations. This expenditure equates to £1,200 of investment for every household in the company’s region of Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Niall Mills, Southern Water’s Director of Assets, said: “The companies have shown they can deliver the high standards we demand. We have major improvements to deliver and using industry leaders enables us to do so even more effectively and efficiently.”

Ivor Catto, Managing Director of Design and Engineering Solutions for Atkins, said: “I am confident our extensive water industry knowledge, combined with our ability to draw widely upon experience in other technology sectors, will enable us to enhance Southern Water’s service to customers.”

AS Lakshminarayanan, Country Manager, UK & Ireland at TCS, said: “TCS is delighted to be working in partnership with Southern Water on this extensive project, helping them transform their customer service and improve water resources and the environment.”

Southern Water’s agreements will enable customers to benefit from efficiencies and improvements in the market-place and will help keep water bills lower than they would otherwise be.

They are also freeing up staff to move into front-line customer-focused positions and, although about 140 staff are affected, none have been made redundant with all being offered alternative jobs within Southern Water or transferring to Atkins and TCS.

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