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ATM Metal-Recycling-Plant in Belarus


Source: ATM Recyclingsystems GmbH

In September 2007 ATM started up 4 pc. Briquetting presses Type HSB 18 in Republic of Belarus. Our customer State Amalgamation Belvtoremt has been briquetting his steel turnings since then and sells the steel-briquetts to foundries. They melt the briquettes as secondary material again. The briquetting obtains a substantial profit in comparison with bulk turnings.

ATM briquetting presses provide individual solutions on the basis of 40 years experience. The worldwide unique back-pressure-system as well as the high plant efficiency of the ATM presse in three-shift-operaton have convinced the customer. The key benefits coming out of the briquetting of metal-waste and in particular of the use of briquettes in the melting process, are as follows:

  • briquetted turnings are better in handling, storing and charging
  • the material volume is reduced up to 20 x reduction of the material
  • thereby cost-reduction in transport- and handling
  • low residual moisture for the melting process
  • constant density in the briquette
  • low melting loss

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