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AtmosAir Solutions Signs Agreement with Shanghai Hangsheng Industry Co. of Shanghai


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Indoor air purification devices will be installed in busses, subways, trains and cars to provide improved air conditions for those who use mass transit and drive in China.

FAIRFIELD, CT.  July 30, 2012 -  AtmosAir Solutions of Fairfield, CT, which markets and installs Green, clean indoor air purification systems to businesses, has entered into an agreement with Shanghai Hangsheng Industry Co. Ltd of Shanghai to install indoor air devices into busses, subways, trains and eventually passenger cars, to help provide the Chinese with better air quality in vehicles. Shanghai Hangsheng Industry Co. Ltd is a leading manufacturer and automotive electronics system provider in China for commercial and passenger vehicles. This marks the first time AtmosAir’s has formed a partnership with a business in China. “After several trips to China, I’m delighted that we can now move forward and help the Chinese feel better and live healthier lives, said Steve Levine, President and CEO of AtmosAir Solutions. “This will not solve China’s massive air pollution problem, but it will bring some relief to those Chinese who use mass transit.” “With this agreement, we believe that we are helping improve indoor air quality in vehicles and providing a healthier environment for those who rely on public transportation in China.” says Jin Weihua, Chairman of Shanghai Hansheng Industry Co., Ltd.  “We are excited to partner with AtmosAir Solutions, and look forward to introducing their American clean air technologies to China.” GreenStar International LLC, an advisory firm specialized in green technology and materials, was the broker of record for the agreement. About AtmosAir Solutions: AtmosAir Solutions markets and installs Green, clean bi-polar ionization indoor air devices for business, homes, hospitals, casinos, schools and sports arenas that eliminates mold, dust, odors, controls bacteria and the spread of airborne viruses, and reduces airborne particles and germs that bypass normal ventilation and filtration systems. These devices actually replicate fresh mountaintop air indoors. Details are at About Shanghai Hang Sheng Industry Co., Ltd: Shanghai Hangsheng Industry Co., Ltd is a leading OEM automotive electronics market player in the commercial vehicle sector. The company design, manufacture and provide automotive electronics systems, including infotainment systems, telematics, control electronics, tachograph and fleet management solutions etc in both commercial vehicle and passenger vehicle industry in China. The systems help to ensure safety, optimum operation or provide better and comfortable environment for buses, long distance coaches, trains, taxis, passenger cars etc.  For more information please visit us at

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