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ATN new product: Condensing Unit Stage 2


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With all the experience ( more than 30 years)ATN has with the condensing of refrigerants We now developed a condensing unit for the liquefying of the blowing agents coming from the polyurethane foam. This so called stage two condensing unit can be built according to the customer demands. From 100M³ up to 800M³ is possible. It is also possible to design it for the collection of pentane condensation. This pentane can then be used as fuel for heating purposes. This unite is also able to liquefy biogas and turn it in to fuel for generators for instance.

Can also be used for liquefied bio-gas.

ATN Engineering 

ATN Engineering is a supplier of machinery for the recycling of WEEE. Such as refrigerators (up to 130 per hour with an efficiency of 99.6%), air conditionings (all gasses new and old with maximum safety), televisions ( up to 60 per hour with a minimum of dust), flat screens (automatic systems), gas treatment plants for all the gasses from refrigerators and AC units, automatic degassing systems etc. The degassing is done per ATN drill-head, first the oil and then the gas. If you prefer piercing pliers, for maximum safety we use special connection devises for the degassing of AC units. We also can support you with designing your layout of your plant. Efficiency and reliability are the keywords for our machinery. We are supplying machinery to customers throughout Europe and the rest of the world. You can E-mail us in English, German, French and Spanish.

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