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ATR to join ‘America Recycles Day’ efforts


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Pontiac -- On November 15, hundreds of thousands of Americans will join in solidarity and commit to increasing individual and company recycling practices.

America Recycles Day, a nationwide movement aimed at increasing recycling initiatives, is beginning to gain momentum as companies and households begin signing up to host individual recycling collection events.  Advanced Technology Recycling, a nationwide R2 and ISO 14001 certified electronics recycling company, is joining the movement by offering a recycling outlet for an oftentimes overlooked component—e-waste.

“What most people do not know is that electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world, accounting for more than 70 percent of heavy metals and toxins in landfills,” said Whitney Ehresman, Business Development Manager at AT Recycle.  “Generally when people think about recycling, they think about plastics, cans and paper, and e-waste is oftentimes an overlooked category of waste.”

“ATR is stepping in this year and getting businesses to sign up to participate in America Recycles Day, with a strong emphasis on electronics recovery.”

In order to encourage recycling practices, Ehresman says ATR will be waiving processing and logistics fees for new accounts and businesses that are new to electronics recycling. ATR will have a big kick off for America Recycles Day on November 15th, and will continue to organize events and pick-ups through the 22nd.

AT Recycle has three sites in the state of Illinois (Pontiac, Peoria and Decatur), as well as a site in San Antonio, TX and Grand Rapids, MI. With the company’s nationwide footprint and in-house logistics, ATR is able to offer recycling solutions for even the largest companies looking at increasing green initiatives and recycling efforts.

“We are really excited for the kick-off of America Recycles Day,” said Ehresman. “Between our five facilities we will have different community events and collection opportunities for residents and businesses. The big recycling day is on the 15th, but the main goal is to increase awareness and let the momentum build for recycling even after America Recycles Day.”

ATR offers companies secure and environmentally sound electronics recycling options, in addition to offering traditional recycling services for paper, plastics and metals. Companies can sign up to organize an employee e-waste drive with ATR by contacting Ray Magee, Director of Sales and Marketing.

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