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Atrion`s new Compliance Suite with Integrated Regulatory Content, complements SAP® EH&S Environments


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Montreal, Quebec, May 16, 2006, Atrion International - the leading provider of solutions enabling compliance of regulated and hazardous materials - today announced the launch of 'Compliance Suite for EH&S', a pre-packaged solution to enable organizations to easily and cost effectively integrate Atrion's world-class regulatory expertise, knowledge and content into their existing SAP® EH&S environments. Atrion's regulatory content is built-in to the new Compliance Suite for EH&S, which combines analysis software, an extensive compliance library and regulatory data tools. It is supported by Linx/AS, an experienced SAP® implementation service provider, for seamless, low-risk integration.

With the release of Atrion's Compliance Suite for EH&S, enterprises with Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) departments can now have complete access to up-to-date, regulatory content thereby eliminating the hassle of gathering information from multiple providers, and integrating this data into their SAP® EH&S environments. SAP® EH&S users are also no longer required to track, interpret or translate legislation into authoring rules to generate up-to-date (M)SDS, or other documentation. In addition, Atrion ensures ongoing compliance with changing legislations, by integrating and maintaining regulatory content through its global network of regulatory experts.

'From an IT perspective, clients can leverage investments in current infrastructure,' said David Lavoie, Executive VP of Marketing & Alliances for Atrion. 'SAP® EH&S users will find it easy to maintain up-to-date regulatory content with our extensive set of pre-packaged, fully integrated rules, templates, phrases and pictograms.'

Charles McCormick, Director of SAP® Solutions, Global Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, at Linx/AS, an Atrion partner and certified SAP® implementation service provider, said, 'Atrion and Linx/AS are together offering a complete solution that will eliminate the need to integrate and maintain regulatory content from multiple sources.'

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