ATS Trust Introduces Flat-Rate Oil Tank Removal in New Jersey


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Sparta, NJ (PRWEB) December 09, 2012 -- ATS Trust of Sparta, New Jersey has introduced a new, flat-rate oil tank removal program in New Jersey. Where a standard oil tank removal requires several weeks to receive an estimate which is often times inaccurate, the new ATS Trust oil tank removal program guarantees a fixed price that includes tank removal and all permits. Estimates and timelines are delivered in hours, not days; allowing homeowners to move forward on the sale of their property with peace of mind.

An underground oil tank that is leaking oil or degraded over time can spread heating oil into surrounding soils and water systems, potentially causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in both property and environmental damages. Because of the liability risk associated with a leaking oil tank, most financial institutions, insurance companies and state departments will ask that any underground oil tanks are inspected and possibly taken out of service before moving forward on the sale of a home. Properties then receive a new heating fuel supply system, an above-ground oil tank or a natural gas-powered furnace.

Each year, thousands of real estate transactions cannot close due to complications with oil tank removal in New Jersey. Compounding the problem is contractors who can take weeks, sometimes months to deliver estimates which are often inaccurate, leading to unforeseen costs and financial stress – the last thing anyone needs when closing on a home. Several contractors may handle different components of the project, involving several parties and further complicating an already frustrating situation for those looking to buy or sell a home.

“That’s why we pioneered flat-rate oil tank removal in New Jersey – we understand how the process can cost thousands of dollars and weeks of time if done incorrectly, and our program provides a guaranteed rate and accurate time quotes to ensure that homeowners can buy or sell their home in a timely manner. In addition, ATS Trust is a state certified underground oil tank removal contractor and has a dedicated administrative department that handles all paperwork on your behalf. We handle the procedure from start to finish so you can focus on what matters to you, your real estate closing,” says Christopher Tiso, President of ATS Trust.

In New Jersey, companies that remove underground oil tanks must be licensed by the Department of Environmental Protection. By working with a company that is certified by the State, such as ATS Trust, homeowners may qualify for state rebates and grants when they become available, helping to reduce the cost of oil tank removal.

“We are really excited about this new flat-rate oil tank removal program because it helps homeowners and business people in New Jersey. We understand the frustrations of attorneys, real estate agents, and homeowners when it comes to complicated tank removal, and it’s our business to help them remediate these issues so they can complete transactions and get families into homes. While we are limited in the number of homes to be introduced into this program, we plan to expand and really take the confusion and frustration out of tank removal in New Jersey.”

About ATS Trust: ATS Trust is an oil tank removal company in Sparta & Somerville, New Jersey with active tank removal projects throughout New Jersey. For 25 years, they have been helping solve complicated tank removal problems with cutting edge technology and licensed, experienced contractors. For more information about ATS Trust, visit

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