Attend our Complete GC & GC-MS training course in July 2013 at Newcastle University


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Join us for the 5-day Complete GC & GC-MS course which is the comprehensive and structured training, recognised by the RSC for the purpose of Continuing Professional Development, that will enable you to really understand your Gas Chromatograph or GC-MS instrument, develop applications as well as maintain and troubleshoot it.

Book your place now for the next Complete course taking place at Newcastle University, on the 1st-5th July 2013, and take advantage of the full 5-day programme to learn everything you need to know about GC & GC-MS or focus on one area of knowledge in a single day:

  • Day 1: Gases & Plumbing and Sample Introduction in GC & GC-MS
  • Day 2: GC Columns, GC Detectors (including MSD) and Data Analysis
  • Day 3: Sampling Techniques for GC & GC-MS
  • Day 4: GC & GC-MS Method Development and Advanced techniques for Difficult Samples
  • Day 5: GC & GC-MS Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Find out more about the individual days of the course.

You can attend the 5-day course all at once or, or the 3-day Practical Essentials of GC & GC-MS and the 2-day GC & GC-MS Clinic course. 

Quotes from recent attendees:

“The presenter has good overall knowledge of the system. The class was always warm and friendly. Impressively consolidating and truly complete.” Albert Fadairo (April 2013).

“I enjoyed learning about how the GC works and how many factors can influence it. Has made me think about how we use the machine.” Katie Barker, a Senior Scientist from CTDS Ltd (April 2013).

“It was very good and relevant to my work, when I could understand all parts of the instrument and how I can match my research with the right instrument.” Niloufar Bahrami Ghahnaniehei, a PhD research student from the University of Nottingham (April 2013).

“The whole overview from sampling to data analysis provides very good insight.” Heng Hui Gan, a PhD research student from the University of Nottingham (April 2013).

“The method of teaching was excellent and focussed. Covered all topics related to GC and GC-MS. The slides were appropriate and good for better understanding.” Dr Azra Ahmed from the Saudi Ministry of Health (April 2013).

“Excellent course and good knowledge of the presenter. Explanation good and broad spectrum of knowledge.” Karen Scott, a laboratory manager from CTDS Ltd (April 2013).

'The course is useful and the presenters made it more enjoyable. They were really great and warm with the attendants. All through the course is interesting and useful. An unrivalled course in my opinion.' Dr. Alhassan, Consultant (Sept 2012).

'All the information was given in a clear and very professional manner and the course will really help me to identify problems I might encounter in the future. All questions were answered and good examples and solutions to problems given. All topics covered were useful and interesting + we had a tour of the lab!' Katiuska Caraballo, Analytical Chemist at South East Water (July 2012).

'I really enjoyed the course coverage and the enthusiasm of the presenters. Honestly, I am really happy I attended the course. Very worthwhile.' Delphine Oben, PhD Research Associate at The Open University (July 2012).

'Lots of detail, but presented in a relaxed, informal way, so the 5 days passed quickly. Also great personal experiences related, so although the course was theory-based, we got a useful practical perspective.' James Mortimer, Research Student at the Open University (July 2012).

Completeness of content; well presented material which can act as future reference as well. Troubleshooting aspects will prove invaluable in the future, reducing issues and downtime.'Paul Wood, Project Engineer at Land Rover Jaguar (April 2012).

'The course is generally well organized, educative, informative and well packaged. The interactive nature of the course made it outstanding.' Nwachukivu Charles Uchenna, Assistant Director Laboratory Services at NAFDAC Nigeria (April 2012).

'All the basics were explained really well and illustrated with practical examples. I feel that I am better able to make decisions when analysis or trying to adjust a current method.' Senior Radiation Protection Scientist (April 2012).

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