Attending WEFTEC? Here are some tips to get the most `Bang for your Buck`


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Each year every business tries to figure out how to spend the least amount of money to produce the greatest results, always thinking about the bottom line and how they can get “the most bang for their buck”. A phrase that has been used by a former president of the United States. WEFTEC is the nation’s largest Water Quality event held annually in either Chicago or New Orleans. It is consistently growing with the attendee numbers exceeding the 25,000 mark in 2015. There are more than 1,000 exhibiting companies, providing different equipment, services, and more. WEFTEC offers technical sessions, exhibit hall tours, and plenty of events to make it a worthwhile trip to all involved. But what are some of the things that you can do to capitalize on the dollars your spending during your show experience?

Attend a Technical Session:

There are 29 workshops and 135 Technical Sessions available to learn more about collection systems, disinfection and public health, industrial issues, odors and air emissions, residuals and biosolids, water supply, quality, reclamation, and reuse just to name a few.

Network with Industry Experts:

With the possibility of at least 25,000 attendees, and more than 1,000 exhibiting companies, there is great opportunity to rub shoulders with a new customer, supplier, resource, representative and maybe even friend. You never know who you will be standing in line for dinner with, or bump into on the expo hall floor.

Learn about New Products:

WEFTEC is like a national grocery store for all of your favorite foods figuratively speaking… In all seriousness there are many suppliers trying to get their brand, products, and services in front of you, and you can see them all at the same time! Now I know your saying well, I do the same thing on the internet? All I have to do is google it, google knows everything… Yes, that is possible, but, you are in a place where a lot of companies have their actual products in their exhibits, showcasing the features and operation right before your eyes. You are also able to talk face to face with knowledgeable industry experts, that can answer any questions you have on the spot.

Download the WEFTEC Mobile App:

You can literally plan your entire trip right from the WEFTEC Mobile app. View exhibitors, the floor plan, technical session schedule, make notes about a visit with a supplier, schedule meetings with the calendar, search for exhibitors booth #, and get social media updates. All of these will help make your trip more efficient, and able gain the most data from the trip.

Here is what people are saying on why to attend:

“If you want to participate in the water or wastewater industry, it’s important to attend WEFTEC… it’s THE conference.” – Tim Rice, Owner | Municipal Treatment Equipment

“WEFTEC is a tremendous networking opportunity for reps, engineers, utility managers, manufacturers and anyone else involved in the design and operation of environmental systems. To be able to meet and work with so many people in one location is nearly priceless.” – Andy Davis, President | New Water Systems

As a new comer to the industry I’m looking forward to building relationships with vendors and customers alike. This is a great time to create interaction between our customers and vendors. Secondly, I’m eager to see the new technology that is coming out. Bringing the best and most up to date equipment to our customers is key to our role as a supplier.” – Calvin Reynolds, Outside Sales | New Water Systems

'WEFTEC is the best networking opportunity of the year.' - John Rosson, Sr. Sales Engineer | Fluid Equipment Company

'Catch up on the latest technologies and trends.' - Don Kramer | Energenecs

Below are links to find out more information and help plan your 2016 WEFTEC Experience, See you in New Orleans September 24-28th!

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