Audit Response Tracking Program Upgrade

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Conformance Check is proud to announce the release of ARTP Version 1.102. This version update contains four new features that are designed to provide ARTP users with additional options and greater functionality:

1)   Responders can now modify/add to their responses after they have forwarded an audit for review. ARTP manages the process, such that reviewers are informed of the change.
2)   Select findings in an audit plan can now be forwarded and approved, allowing findings without a response to be addressed at a later time.
3)   Anticipated Closure Date can now be backdated to show date the facility completed the corrective action.
4)   Audit findings are now automatically numbered for easy reference purposes.

Enhancements number 1, 2, and 3 are customer-selectable and can be disabled if the customer wishes to keep the same functionality prior to this update.
ARTP Version 1.102 is a free upgrade to all ARTP customers with a current Product Maintenance Agreement.

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