August in Johannesburg, a busy time for Geovariances


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Beside the Danie Krige Geostatistical Conference, Geovariances co-animated seminar about Uniform Conditioning with Datamine and launched its brand new software Minestis.

Christophe Bessin (Resource Evaluation Consultant), Julien Tan (Sales Manager – Mining) and Olivier Bertoli (CEO) spent the week starting August 17 in Johannesburg. If that week coincided with events largely commented related to the devaluation of the Chinese currency that sparked another bout of concerns regarding global growth, it was at our mini- minute- micro- scale an extremely busy week that showed promising signs for our sector of activity. And of course we prefer to focus on that.

Uniform Conditioning Seminar

The week started with the rendition of a Co-Branded Datamine/Geovariances seminar on Uniform Conditioning which proved to be a real success with more than 15 participants learning the ins and outs of UC on the Monday, benefiting from Christophe’s expertise on the subject.

The event is part of a global strategic alliance between the two companies by which Geovariances provides its geostatistical library to Datamine, and should be repeated elsewhere in the months to come.

Danie Krige Geostatistical Conference

The second event was the Danie Krige Geostatistical Conference. On August 19-20, Christophe, Julien and Olivier attended the Danie Krige Geostatistical conference with about 80 attendees gathered to pay tribute to the life of Professor Danie Krige by presenting various applications of the discipline and methods that he helped promote throughout his distinguished career.

Julien was given the opportunity to showcase Geovariances to the audience on Wednesday morning and give a pre-anouncement of the launch of our new software Minestis.

Christophe presented a paper entitled “Recoverable Resource Estimation of an underground Manganese deposit based on an original processing of multivariate conditional simulation' in the afternoon.

Olivier gave a keynote address on Thursday morning 'Multivariate block simulations of a lateritic type Nickel deposit and post-processing of a representative subset' and a paper presentation 'Production reconciliation of a multivariate uniform conditioning technique for mineral resource modelling of a porphyry copper gold deposit'.

He emphasised the need for industry practictioneers to always remain in command of the methodologies they were using by favouring decisions on which ones to use to be based on objective examinations of the data and the spatial architecture of the distributions to be modelled.

Minestis Launch

Finally on Friday 21 Aug, Geovariances hosted the official launch of Minestis in South Africa at the Rosebank Crowne Plaza Hotel where 34 attendees enjoyed the presentation and software demonstration given by Christophe.

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