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Australia announces funding priorities for Pacific climate change adaptation


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The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Stephen Smith, and the Minister for Climate Change and Water, Penny Wong, today announced funding priorities to assist Pacific Island countries to meet the immediate challenges of climate change.

The Government has previously announced $150 million for the International Climate Change Adaptation Initiative. The Initiative aims to meet high priority climate adaptation needs in vulnerable countries in our region.

Of this $150 million Initiative, $75 million has previously been allocated and $50 million is being allocated today.

Of this $50 million, $25 million will be allocated to help implement high priority, practical adaptation programs in Pacific island countries, including:

  • working with the agricultural sector to address food security issues;
  • protecting water supplies and essential infrastructure;
  • improving coastal zone management to increase the resilience of coastal areas and community settlements to climate change; and
  • supporting disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction programs.

A further $12 million will be provided for the Pacific Adaptation Strategy Assistance Program to strengthen the capacity of Pacific Island countries to assess their vulnerabilities to climate change and develop adaptation strategies. This will help Pacific Island countries to build the skills and knowledge they need for long-term decision making to prepare for climate change.

Australia will also contribute:

  • $6 million to support Pacific regional organisations to undertake adaptation work on issues such as fisheries management and crop diversity;
  • $4.3 million investment will be made upgrading sea level monitoring stations in Pacific countries; and
  • $2.7 million will be spent in partnership with non-government organisations working on adaptation in the region.
  • Australia is committed to decisive action on climate change both at home and globally, and recognises that building resilience to climate change is critically important for vulnerable countries in the Pacific.

Of the $75 million previously allocated, amounts include:

  • $14.8m of funding for the Pacific announced by the Prime Minister at last year's Forum in Niue;
  • $20m for the Pacific Climate Change Science Program; and
  • $40m for the World Bank's Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience.

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