Australia, Egypt & India Water Market Report Q1 2014


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Australia Water Report Q1 2014

The longer term outlook for the Australian Water Sector is generally positive as a result of population growth and agricultural demand. In addition the September 13 election of the Liberal National Party has improved our outlook for water infrastructure projects as fiscal loosening and greater coordination over spending decisions between state and federal governments becomes more likely. BMI expects that over the long term water supply will come from unconventional sources such as desalination and recycled water. The new federal government looks set to disregard fiscal discipline and increase the country’s debt limit to provide the necessary funds for infrastructure development in addition, with five out of eight states being governed by the Liberal National Party we expect a broad-based improvement in project execution for all public-led infrastructure projects in Australia as we see greater coordination between state and federal governments over infrastructure development.

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Egypt Water Report Q1 2014

BMI View: We believe that Egypt’s continued state of unease is likely to affect the development of the water sector. In particular, we believe that despite the public’s vocal desire for better services and water access, funds will continue to remain limited which will hamper the overall development of the existing water infrastructure. Egypt remains politically and economically unsettled and this is likely to affect the water sector in various ways: on the one hand funds are limited; however, on the other there is a great deal of public pressure on the government to ensure the provision of basic affordable amenities like drinking water. Further pressures stem from the continuing international debate over Ethiopia’s damn project which would threaten Egypt’s Nile resources. BMI is confident that the short-term future of the water market remains secure and lucrative – yet the long-term future of the nation remains precarious, and increasingly dependent on fickle foreign investment and resources. The government faces a looming threat with the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project, and, if completed, Egypt will suffer serious cuts in water resources (18 billion cubic meters annually). Regardless of the outcome of this specific project it is clear that Egypt faces future battles over these resources. The economic development and increased resource needs of many of the African nations along the Nile means that Egypt will need to plan for a potential future where their Nile share is significantly reduced. The government recognizes the threat of this future and has a stated focus on improving water conservation and efficiency projects in the water market.

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India Water Report Q1 2014

BMI View: India’s water sector is in sore need of investment and expansion. However we believe this is likely to occur and so the country offers a large number of opportunities to water management and water infrastructure companies. However, we caution that it is not so favourable to heavy water usage industries such as drinks manufacturing, as limited water supplies continue to be an issue. Water pollution also remains a massive problem across India, causing numerous health problems and representing the waste of a vast and extremely important resource for this water starved country. It is particularly severe in rural areas where there is little water mains connection let alone sewage network connections and little or no access to wastewater treatment facilities. However there is a separate, equally cute problem in built up urban areas where overcrowding and lack of proper sanitation facilities leads to widespread disease. However other issues are plaguing the county’s water sector, not least the ongoing tensions with China concerning the latter’s development of the Brahmaputra dam which has incited uproar in a number of Indian states. Tensions are also intensifying over pakistan’s desire to review the Indus water treaty and persistent demands for more water.

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