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Australia invites small business action on climate change


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The Rudd Government has invited 500 small businesses to participate in a new climate change initiative designed to provide greater information on private sector energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, Minister for the Environment, Peter Garrett, said today

“Tackling climate change requires gaining a better understanding of all the contributing factors, including energy use in each sector of our society,” Mr Garrett said. “The inaugural Small Business Climate Change Action Initiative will provide a detailed analysis on the behavioural use of energy in the small business sector.”

Five hundred small businesses offering a range of different products and services across selected metropolitan and regional areas will undertake energy audits designed to provide the government with information that will shape future policy. “The Government already has a comprehensive analysis of energy use in the public sector, and measures emissions from other sectors such as industry,” Mr Garrett said. “Small businesses however are very diverse, and their energy and emissions are not well known. “And as the small business sector employs nearly half of all Australians employed in the private sector, understanding how energy is used in this area is key to reducing Australia’s carbon emissions.

“The Government recognises that time and resource pressures can make it difficult for managers of small businesses to know exactly how they can help in the fight against climate change. “This initiative will provide owners and managers with a chance to get involved. They will also be provided the opportunity to reduce running costs and shape the future of public policy in their area.

“The Rudd Labor Government is committed to providing the best possible advice to help the community participate in the fight against climate change. This study will allow us to do this in the small business sector.”

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