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Australia to help developing countries join climate change talks


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The Rudd Government will provide AUS$1 million to help developing countries take part in climate change talks.

Minister for Climate Change and Water, Senator Penny Wong, announced the commitment today. “We are pleased to announce a AUS$1 million contribution to the Trust Fund for Participation in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change,” Senator Wong said. “Developing countries are often the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. This is particularly true of our nearest neighbours in the Pacific.

“These same countries are also often least equipped to influence global discussions on climate change because of costs such as transport and accommodation.” Senator Wong said Australia’s contribution will help ensure that all developing countries, including the small island states in our region, can participate fully in negotiating the Bali Road Map over the
next two years.

“The Rudd Government has demonstrated its commitment to a global outcome on climate change by signing the Kyoto Protocol and playing a significant role in international negotiations in Bali and subsequent meetings,” Senator Wong said.
“In addition to our own strong engagement in the negotiations on post-2012 arrangements over the next two years, the Australian Government welcomes the perspectives that the poorer developing countries bring to the negotiations.”

Australian negotiators are currently in Bonn attending key United Nations meetings that bring together developed and developing countries to tackle climate change. The funding will help developing countries attend vital meetings like this.
“Our $1 million contribution sends a strong signal that Australia supports the fullest possible engagement by developing countries in this process.

“Climate change is a global challenge and Australia is working with the international community to develop a truly global solution.”

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