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Australian government cuts emissions and energy reporting red tape for business


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Companies required to report data on their greenhouse gas emissions and energy use will have their reporting red tape reduced, Minister for Climate Change and Water, Senator Penny Wong announced today.

At present, some companies are required to provide the same or similar data to up to eight different agencies in different jurisdictions.

This process will now be streamlined under an agreement between the Commonwealth, state and territory governments for a nationally consistent approach to greenhouse and energy reporting.

Senator Wong said the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Streamlining Protocol will help to reduce the administrative burden for companies when reporting to governments on a wide range of greenhouse and energy information.

'This initiative will reduce duplication created by the range of measures that require businesses to report greenhouse gas emissions and energy information,' Senator Wong said.

'In extreme cases, some companies are preparing up to eight different reports for each different jurisdiction.

'The Protocol will be used by all governments to streamline reporting requirements for existing and future greenhouse and energy programs and to establish a standard national approach for collecting greenhouse and energy information.'

Senator Wong said streamlined reporting would ensure more comprehensive and consistent information was available to both government and the public.

'This information will be used to monitor the long-term effects of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment and better direct Australia's action on climate change,' Senator Wong said.

'Streamlining the greenhouse energy reporting process into a single, national system will reduce the administrative burden for Australian business.'

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