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Automated weighing from just 1 μgaccurate, rugged and easy to clean


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The METTLER TOLEDO’s WX weighing modules family is designed for high-precision automated as well as manual weighing in instruments, machines and isolators. The compact design means that installation is straightforward and space saving. The comprehensive overload protection and rugged plug-in connections are designed for use in analytical processes and production applications.

Overload Protection

The weighing cell in a stainless steel housing benefits from mechanical protec¬tion against vertical static overload of between 25 and 50 times the weighing capacity. It is also protected against later¬al shear forces such as those occurring during automatic loading and unloading of the weighing pan or in the event of malfunction of handling equipment.

Fast, Accurate and Flexible

The fast weighing technology and data transmission of the WX modules deliver reproducible values within fractions of a second, thereby accelerating filling, production, and testing processes. With their extensive parameter sets, WX mod¬ules can be configured so that they are optimized for virtually any application and environment.

Easy to Clean

Efficient cleaning of the entire system is a common requirement in order to avoid cross contamination when formats and products change. The weighing pan is easily removed for cleaning. The opening exposed can be sealed with the cover supplied. Thanks to the rugged industrial plug connectors with IP67 protection, the weigh module can be rinsed with a cleaning fluid.

Increase your Productivity

The innovative high precision WX weigh modules are designed for easy integration. Their fast, accurate and robust technology in combination with easy cleaning increases productivity and makes them a very good choice for high precision weighing in machines and instruments.

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