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Automatic Leak tester for filled Aerosol Cans


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27 Years of Continued Filled Aerosol Can Leak Testing

This 23rd February 2011, we celebrate the 27th anniversary of the installation of our first two high speed leak detectors for filled aerosol cans. At that time, they tested 120 plus cans per minute. Both machines operate after a hot water bath each. Today, they are still in full 2-shift operation to accurately test up to 200 cans per minute in full compliance with today's regulations. The completion of our 25th leak detector installation was performed just a couple of weeks ago.

Over the past 25 years, many changes could have been seen in the aerosol filling industry. Only about 2 years ago the hot water bath immersion test was still the industry standard, while a hand full of future oriented aerosol fillers decided to install leak testers in addition to their water baths. Leak testing at high speeds was very difficult, in many cases it even was impossible.

However, 27 years ago we already installed our first two high speed micro leak detectors as so called „Over the Conveyor“ machines. During the decades, our leak detectors have been continuously redesigned and enhanced into today’s state of the art family of AeroFid high speed leak testing solutions. Three different performance models exist to leak test from 80 cans per minute up to 250/500 cans per minute.

The most outstanding feature of our machines are the long term stability and safe contamination free operation. Fast and simple calibration to cover all hydrocarbon and HFA based propellants and best base line stability of our machines are key advantages over catalytic, optical or laser spectrometric sensing systems.

 For detailed information on all our leak detectors look up: www.jum-aerosol.com

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