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Automatic pH measurement now for heavy-duty applications


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The new generation of the well established Topcal S measuring, cleaning and calibration system from Endress+Hauser makes fully automatic pH and ORP measurement possible even in particularly aggressive process environments. Three independent, industry-tested double-membrane pumps replace the revolver pump present in the previous generation. This increases the unit's performance particularly for heavy-duty applications and when using aggressive cleaning agents such as concentrated acids and alkalis.

Topcal S is a dependable, fully automatic pH measuring system consisting of the preinstalled transmitter, control unit, retractable assembly and pH electrode components, as well as cleaning and buffer solutions. The first new CPC310 Topcal S systems have been field-tested since January 2006 where, for example, they are installed at companies DyStar Brunsb├╝ttel and DOW Stade in tough day-to-day operations and are returning reliable results. Another feature of the new system is its user-friendly software: All programs of the CPC310 can be edited and adapted to the needs of the customer. A further advantage is reflected in the significant reduction in the use of cleaning agents and buffers as these are conducted through individual pipes to the new rinsing block. In this way, all media are present front end, directly at the retractable assembly. The additional activation of two external valves for steam sterilization or for using a spray flange at the assembly, for example, is now available as standard. Furthermore, the multi-hoses are easily connected to the retractable assembly. Thanks to fully automatic cleaning and calibration during the ongoing process without electrode removal, the new Topcal S also means less maintenance is required.

The system is available with a stainless steel or plastic housing.

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