Avanti chooses Presona


Source: Presona AB

In June last year Avanti Environmental started baling with their new Presona LP 65 VH2 baler and conveyor, installed and maintained by Presona UK Ltd.

This is the first '65' model baler in the UK but it wasn´t long ebfore a second LP 65 VH2 was on the order books. Baling paper and board, plastic film, HDPE and even builders sacks Avanti are more than happy with the performance and service.

They even had the optional wire detectors fitted to let them know when they have run out of wire. This is also the first baler in the UK to have the eccentric drive tying head. This hydraulic unit has fewer parts, offering more control with less wear and more importantly, reduced maintenance and the possibility always to choose the correct wire diameter to reduce cost. The new tying head increases performance and profitability.

Making a triple of firsts in the UK is the new Premi contro system, a colour touch screen with animations. It allows setting of baling parameters and a view of production information, with 50 different baling programmes each changeable to maximise the performance with different materials.



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