AvistaClean MF/UF selection guides now on-line


Source: Avista Technologies, Inc.

Updated selection guides and product data sheets are now availalbe on-line for the MF/UF cleaners . We've also revised the RO cleaner selection guide to include several new formulations for oil and polymer fouling.

Microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) membrane manufacturers have traditionally recommended generic cleaning regimes for their membranes. However, experience has shown that there are significant limitations on the effectiveness of these generic solutions. With extensive membrane cleaning expertise, Avista worked hard to develop effective and economic formulations to provide better cleaning results and longer run times between cleans.

This work resulted in the introduction of a complete line of low and high pH powder cleaners for MF and UF membranes. The AvistaClean MF line is designed to remove calcium carbonate, organic, particulate, and metal foulants that plug and coat MF and UF pores and membrane surfaces.

See the 'Products' section of our website for more details.

For more information, send email to info@avistatech.com.

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