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Avoid the risk of Clogging, use Dragflow Chopper


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Protect your pump from clogging. Use the new DRAGFLOW Chopper to increase the efficiency of the No Clog recessed impeller Pump (EL 60 RI).

The Chopper has been specifically designed for use with our upcoming RI series, the Recessed Impeller, series of pumps which are a high - efficiency, non-clog design suitable for passing stringy or fibrous material create to effectively chop material before pumping it.

The two blades are satellite, a high-speed tool steel with excellent toughness and wear resistance. Cutting action does not rely on the pump impeller. lmpeller is completely recessed and separate which eliminates possible clogging or binding.

DRAGFLOW Chopper can also be used with the DRAGFLOW Agitator
Any application with stringy, fibrous material that needs to be reduced in size is a good chance to use the No clog pump with chopper. Some examples would include pulp and paper, recycling plants, waste water handling and municipal applications.

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