Avoiding Indoor Environmental Hazards after a Hurricane Exposed in New Public Outreach Video


Source: Cochrane & Associates, LLC

The IAQ Video Network produces another public outreach video to educate the public about environmental and indoor air quality (IAQ) issues.

Phoenix, AZ, June 14th, 2011 -- The hurricane season in the United States begins on June 1st and doesn’t end until November 30th.  People who live along our nation’s coastlines are at greater risk of experiencing the damaging effects of a hurricane, but that doesn't mean you’re not at risk if you live further inland. 


The best way to prepare for a hurricane is to ensure that all the roof connections are up to code.  Adding hurricane panels to protect windows and door openings can also help prevent damage.  High winds, heavy rains and flooding create much of the destruction to property.  For those living very close to the coast, storm surge is also a major concern.


Unfortunately during powerful hurricanes properties can be completely destroyed, even with the best preparations.  Many more properties; however, survive the initial hurricane, but are left with slight to severe damage due to strong winds, heavy rain and flooding.  Many of these properties can be rebuilt, but there are environmental hazards people need to be aware of as they rebuild.


“When people begin rebuilding after a hurricane, or any major storm that has caused damage to property, there are things people need to be aware of,” reported Paul Cochrane, President of Cochrane and Associates, the company behind the IAQ Video Network.  “Everything from mold, sewage, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, asbestos and even lead could cause potential health problems for those involved in the rebuilding efforts and for future occupants.  We hope this new public outreach video provides information for people to help them protect their health,” he continued.


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About Cochrane & Associates, LLC & the IAQ Video Network

Cochrane & Associates is a business development, public relations and marketing consulting firm that specializes in the environmental, HVAC, mold and indoor air quality industries.  The company has worked with many of the industries’ leading institutions and companies and continues to be an innovator in the industry.  They are also the innovators behind the IAQ Video Network.

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