Award winning US technology to be demonstrated at Pollutec 2008

Unique products made from waste and used to clean up the environment to be introduced to the French/European market.

Adsorb-it® Filtration Fabric and Adsorb-it® Products – winner of the National (US) and International 2007 Energy Globe Awards for Sustainability in the Water Category – are made from 100% select waste fibers from the textile manufacturing industry and are used to effectively remove oils, oil sheen, oil-borne contaminants, and particulate matter from water.

Eco-Tec, Inc., manufacturer of the Adsorb-it® Product Line, will be demonstrating this unique technology in the US Pavilion at Pollutec 2008 23rd International Exhibition of Environmental Equipment, Technologies and Services, from December 2nd to December 5th 2008 at the Parc des Expositions, EUREXPO, Avenue Louis Blériot, 69686 CHASSIEU. Go to for more information.

Adsorb-it® allows water to flow through the fabric at rates in excess of 4,000 litres per minute per square metre, retaining the oils in the fabric matrix, while reducing residual oil concentrations in the water to between 2 and 4 milligrams per litre.

In use by the US Military; Public Utilities, Petroleum Industry, Power Companies, Airports, Marinas, Manufacturing and Construction Companies, Engineering and Technology Firms; Adsorb-it® is used for storm water, oil/water separators, wastewater, spill response/oil recovery.

When the Adsorb-it® has reached its oil retention capacity of 4 to 7 kilograms per square metre, the oils can be physically recovered from the fabric for recycling or reuse and the fabric or product can then be reused. Adsorb-it® has a higher BTU per kilogram rating than coal and can be disposed of for its fuel value. Adsorb-it® is not affected by sunlight and, when properly installed, will continue cleaning oils from the environment indefinitely.
Adsorb-it® is a totally green product: Made from waste, used to clean the environment, reusable, and ultimately a fuel source. “It doesn’t get any greener than that.”

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