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Award winning WRAS-approved AJPR50 pre-rinse saves up to 25% water!


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The AquaJet range now includes the innovative AJPR50 pre-rinse which provides a very easy-to-clean, easy-to-use pre-rinse, with outstanding durability due to its unique design.

When connected to a potable cold water supply in the prep area, many designers specify the ‘50’ for the preparation area to pre-wash food, as well. The AJPR50 can also be fitted with a water-saving head – at no extra cost – saving up to 25% in an average kitchen.
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Fitted with a water-saving face plate, Mechline’s AquaJet pre-rinse saves up to 25% water and still provides a great wash compared with Mechline’s standard AquaJet pre-rinse sprays and typical pre-rinses available from other manufacturers.

A standard pre-rinse spray (such as our AJPR30 for example) delivers approximately 11.94 Litres per minute through the hot and cold ports with an inlet pressure on both sides of 6 bar. Fitting the energy saving faceplate provides a saving of 2.99 litres per minute.

Assuming that the pre-rinse is operational (i.e. actually being sprayed) for 90 minutes per day, this equates to 2.99 x 90 minutes = 269.1 litres saving per day, or 80,730 litres, assuming a 300 day year.

Obviously, water costs vary but are generally on the increase. Commercial premises pay for their water supply and sewerage cost and with a litre of mixed warm water (65% hot to 35% cold) costing about 0.48p, the (very approximate) saving would be 0.48 x 269.1 = 129.17p (£1.69 per day) at 6 bar pressure or £507 per year.


Mechline has launched a range of 'short' AquaJet Pre-Rinses designed to fit areas where the traditional height of a pre-rinse makes it difficult to install and use.

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