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AWS receives planning permission to rebuild plant


Source: Materials Recycling Week

AWS Eco Plastics has been granted conditional planning permission to rebuild the sort line, which was destroyed after a fire at its Hemswell plant.

Unanimously agreed to by the council and recommended by the planning committee, recycled food grade PET producer AWS is set to begin building immediately with the goal to be fully operational by September 2010.

AWS project director Simon Faulkner said: “The granting of planning permission means we can now push on urgently with our build plans for the new sort line. The quick response of the Environment Agency and Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service has allowed us to incorporate their requirements in the plan, leading to the county council passing this permission without any delays. We are now working with our landlord and our equipment suppliers to bring the new facility on line as quickly as we can.”

The fire which broke out in September 2009, burned down the aircraft hanger, which housed the sorting lines. A freestanding building, which ran parallel to the hanger was also destroyed. Permission has now been granted to replace these destroyed structures with one large building, covering a similar footprint.

The walls of the new building will be constructed using steel sheets and concrete panels and steel sheets will be used for the roof in order to provide fire protection. The roof of the aircraft hanger provided no fire protection, which resulted in the collapse of the whole roof structure, pulling the walls inward. According to the planning documents, AWS has been advised by Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue regarding sprinkler systems, fire detection and compartmentalisation to ensure the new building is as safe as possible.

One of the reasons for the conditional permission is to ensure satisfactory drainage and minimise the risk of pollution. The Environment Agency initially objected to the proposed development because it said there was insufficient information to demonstrate that the risk of pollution to controlled waters is acceptable.

AWS recently reported increased production of its r-PET pellet after increased demand from its customers. It has continued to fulfil customer orders despite the destruction of its sorting building.

AWS receives planning permission to rebuild plant

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