AWWA announces new edition of Modeling Water Quality in Distribution Systems


DENVER, CO -- The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has announced the publication of the new edition of Modeling Water Quality in Distribution Systems.

As water flows through the distribution system to the consumer it may go through unwanted changes in quality. Computer modeling is a realistic simulation of the water quality in utility distribution systems, tracking the water as it moves through the system to determine where and how quality might be compromised. By utilizing this technology, utilities can understand and prevent changes in water quality, ensuring that the tap water that reaches customers is the same high quality water that left the treatment plant.

Written by modeling expert and EPANET developer, Robert M. Clark, Modeling Water Quality in Distribution Systems guides utilities in choosing and implementing a realistic computer simulation of a wide range of operational and design variables - including various scenarios to model and monitor TTHMs, disinfectant decay, chemical reactions, supply-and-demand over time, hydraulics, tank mixing, blended waters, pipe system layouts, and many other parameters.

Modeling Water Quality in Distribution Systems is now available in the AWWA bookstore.

About the author
Robert M. Clark, PE, PhD, directed the USEPA’s Water Supply and Water Resources Division in the Office of Research and Development’s National Risk Management Research Laboratory for nearly 15 years. During his tenure he initiated and directed USEPA’s efforts on water quality modeling in drinking water distribution systems and led the development the groundbreaking hydraulic/water quality modeling tool EPANET, which is now used worldwide. In 1999 Clark was appointed to a Senior Expert position as Senior Research Engineering Advisor in USEPA. Now an independent consultant and college professor in civil and environmental engineering, Clark has published more than 380 papers and five books.

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