AWWA publishes green utility handbook


The American Water Works Association (AWWA) announced today the publication of The Green Utility: A Practical Guide to Sustainability.

As organizations responsible for managing and providing one of Earth’s most precious resources, water utilities have special motivation adhering to the principles of sustainability: it is in the best interests of their organizations, as well as their customers. The Green Utility: A Practical Guide to Sustainability provides ideas, plans, and tools to make it easy for water utilities to reduce negative effects on the environment, maximize positive benefits to the community, and keep delivering water at a cost that reflects its value.

How does a water utility embrace the principles of sustainability and implement them into everyday operations? The Green Utility: A Practical Guide to Sustainability offers all of the necessary information, including the definition of sustainability, its many benefits, how to identify opportunities to become greener, and how to plan and implement a sustainability program. The book includes many examples of water-utility sustainability programs that are now in place.

The Green Utility: A Practical Guide to Sustainability is clearly written and organized to help utility managers understand what it means to be a sustainable water utility and how acting sustainably benefits the utility, the community, and the environment.

The Green Utility: A Practical Guide to Sustainability is available in AWWA’s online bookstore at

About the Author:

Cheryl Welch earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Mathematics from University of Oregon.  She joined Tualatin Valley Water District in 2001, where she developed that utility’s successful sustainability program, which has been recognized by the American Public Works Association, the City of Portland, Oregon, and the City of Beaverton, Oregon for its leadership and contribution to the sustainability movement. In 2004 Cheryl was named one of 25 national Environmental Champions by Interiors and Sources magazine.

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