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Axetris MFCs offer best-in-class accuracy for your application


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An accuracy benchmarking of popular thermal mass flow controller products proves again that Axetris mass flow controllers provide best-in-class accuracy for your application.

Accuracy – usually specified for a thermal mass flow controller in percent of full scale flow (FS) or percent of reading (RD) ? is defined as the difference between the actual flow and that of a primary standard.

A comparison of published accuracy values – in % FS – shows that Axetris MFCs lead the pack when it comes to absolute accuracy. For the comparison, a number of high-performance thermal mass flow meters and controllers were compared. Also, accuracy values in the 0-10% FS range were compared for these MFCs – since high accuracy in the lower flow range is critical to many applications. Axetris mass flow controllers are typically specified at 0.2% FS in this flow range.

Axetris mass flow solutions build on our proprietary MEMS-based technology, where the temperature difference over the surface of a MEMS chip is measured, and used as the flow control variable.

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