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Having become the first UK polymer producer to offer a carbon reduction labelled product, Axion Consulting is sharing its expertise with others wanting to follow a similar route and carbon footprint their own products or processes.

The plastic recycling specialist, part of the Manchester-based Axion Group, became the UK’s first polymer producer to gain a certified Carbon Footprint label in June for its Axpoly® PS13 post-consumer recycled polystyrene derived from retail packaging waste. This material goes back into products such as new coathangers, office trays and horticultural pots and trays.

Axion Consulting has become a Carbon Trust Footprint Expert™ Registered Consultant and launched a range of new services to help companies calculate the environmental impact of their products or processes. Axion can help in many levels of footprinting from rapid ‘hotspot analysis’ to comprehensive and certified footprints for external communication.

Director Keith Freegard foresees rising demand as firms recognise the marketing benefits of demonstrating sustainability of their products or processes and communicating their environmental impact to end-users.

“The UK is the first country in the world to set legally binding ‘carbon budgets’ with the aim of cutting UK emissions by 34% by 2020 and at least 80% by 2050 on 1990 levels. To achieve these ambitious targets, action is needed now,” says Keith.

“Companies offering a certified product or process that demonstrates low carbon impact manufacturing can gain a tangible and significant competitive edge in today’s eco-conscious environment. Our commitment to providing sustainable recycled plastic products with a long-term future led us down the carbon labelling route and to providing this service for a wide range of other companies.”

Using carbon footprinting also allows a manufacturer to gain a valuable insight into the economics of their process and make cost-savings, says Keith.

“Typically a carbon footprint is driven by energy and transportation costs. Understanding and reducing the carbon footprint will ultimately lead to awareness and reducing the company’s processing costs,” he adds.

Axion Consulting develops and operates innovative processing solutions for recycling waste materials. Part of Axion Group, this division was created in response to increased demand from a wide range of clients within the recycling and process industries for practical development of new processing and collection methods. For more information, contact Axion Consulting Ltd on 0161 426 7731 or visit the website -

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