Axion Consulting offers new Engineering Advisory Service to assist with insurance claims in the recycling sector


Source: Axion Group - Axion Consulting

Bramhall, UK: August 8 2014 --

Resource recovery specialist Axion Consulting has introduced an Engineering Advisory Service to assist with insurance claims for recycling and waste reprocessing plants that have been damaged by fire, explosion or other catastrophic events.

Axion’s team of skilled and experienced engineers can provide rapid assessment following damage claims for plant and equipment, business operation interruption and consequential loss within the recycling and waste reprocessing sector.

Drawing on their extensive technical knowledge of the sector, the team can supply specialist advice to insurers, reinsurers, loss adjusters, brokers, solicitors, owners and other insurance industry professionals to determine solutions and associated costs for repair or replacement.

“Major damage, whatever its cause, deals a devastating blow to any business as exemplified by several recent high-profile disasters in our sector,” comments Axion Principal Engineer Simon Wilkinson. “While there are many professionals who can assess damage to buildings and structures, few can assess and accurately quantify damage to the actual process and equipment.

Axion’s service can report on the scope of the damage and evaluate equipment and machinery, from single machines to entire reprocessing facilities. On-site inspections of plant, equipment, machinery, mechanical and electrical services are carried out to accurately assess whether repair or replacement is required and to draw up reinstatement estimates as well as consequential losses.

Simon adds: “The comprehensive service includes assessment of business interruption losses, evaluations of reinstatement proposals and estimating costs of any permanent or temporary reinstatement works.”

Axion Consulting is part of the Axion Group that develops and operates innovative resource recovery and processing solutions for recycling waste materials. The Group works with a wide range of clients, from Government agencies and local authorities to companies in diverse commercial sectors, on the practical development of new processing and collection methods to recover value from waste resources.

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