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Axion Engineering debuts at the K Show 2010


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Axion Engineering, a division of resource recovery specialists Axion Group, is showcasing its technical expertise and capabilities at the K Show 2010 in Dusseldorf where it is co-exhibiting with German machinery partner, Technology GmbH on Stand 10E48.

Manchester-based plastics recycler Axion is the UK’s approved agent for supply of’s dry-cleaning equipment, a highly specialised system for the removal of surface dirt and labels from shredded waste plastics. developed its novel dry-cleaning process to tackle the plastic washing problems that arose from the German DSD waste recycling system. The innovative technology has been incorporated in a number of successful recycling solutions devised for clients across a range of plastics recovery tasks.

At the K Show, Axion will be building on its long-standing partnership with and introducing a wider range of recycling and recovery services it can now offer under the Axion Engineering banner. Case studies demonstrating specific examples of resource recovery and recycling solutions for clients from the automotive, bio-fuels and metals sectors will be available to visitors on the stand, where experienced Axion staff will also answer queries.

During the show, Axion Director Keith Freegard will be giving a talk on ‘Understanding the plastics recycling industry value chain’ at the BPF-organised Sustainable Manufacturing Forum on November 1st. His presentation will focus on the importance of controlled sorting and separation at the earliest possible stage, thereby increasing the value of the final product. Tracing, tracking and recording methods will also be covered as part of the overall contribution to ‘added value’ along the supply chain.

Keith comments: “Recycling plastic is about using a rapidly growing waste resource in new and exciting ways; viewing it as a fresh, sustainable and renewable source of materials for use back in new goods that consumers want to buy.

“Our ability to offer fully traceable, recycled polymers with a certified carbon-reduction ‘footprint’ means manufacturers can demonstrate the proven sustainability of new plastic products to their customers. This helps them to gain a competitive edge with eco-conscious purchasers.

“More and more firms are now recognising the marketing benefits of demonstrating sustainability of their products or processes and communicating their environmental impact to end-users,” adds Keith.

As a Carbon Trust Footprint Expert™ Registered Consultant, Axion has launched a range of new services to help companies calculate the environmental impact of their products or processes. It can assist with various levels of footprinting from rapid ‘hotspot analysis’ to comprehensive and certified footprints for external communication. The firm has also committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 10% in 2012 and 15% by 2015.


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