Axion Polymers closing the Chinese plastic recycling loop


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Axion Polymers is blazing a trail for greater recycled content in plastic goods destined for European and Chinese markets by developing exports of fully and part-processed polymers to manufacturers and OEMs in China who can then demonstrate low-carbon credentials.

The Salford-based plastics recycler was named a Finalist in the recent UKTI’s North West China Rising Star Awards for developing a successful direct trade link with Greater China over the past 18 months, supplying recovered materials direct to end users.

Axion Director Roger Morton says encouraging more high-grade, low carbon-certified recycled plastic content in diverse ranges of Chinese-made goods will contribute greatly to the Low Carbon economy as so many of these - from car parts to household items - are subsequently sold to European purchasers.

“The benefits are immense in terms of lower manufacturing costs when virgin material prices are skyrocketing, reduced environmental impact and conservation of natural resources,” he explains.

“As UK-based plastic recyclers, we’re focusing on developing exports for fully or part-processed recycled polymers using the very efficient and low-cost sea transport from the UK to China in returning, otherwise empty, containers.”

Axion’s Business Development Manager in Shanghai, Richard Chen is liaising with moulders over using Axion’s carbon reduction-labelled Axpoly® PS13 post-consumer recycled polystyrene, derived from garment hangers.

Roger continues: “Our polymer goes back into new garment hangers made in China, which then come back to Europe with clothes hanging on them. We’re involved in the whole recycling loop! It’s a principle we’re applying to electronic products too.”

Reducing the physical volume of plastic feedstock, he says, by part or fully-processing a recycled polymer in the UK before shipping it to China can still result in a very low carbon impact. “It is significantly less than virgin polymer.”

Roger counters the environmental argument against transporting material such a long distance saying: “Moving thousands of tonnes on a single ship, using very advanced, modern marine engines to sail economically across the sea, is far more efficient than road transport.

“Export also satisfies a fast-growing and very real need for sustainably-sourced raw materials that can be recycled responsibly; giving our planet’s already-mined precious natural resources useful second lives,” he adds.

Axion Polymers is part of the Axion Group that develops and operates innovative resource recovery and processing solutions for recycling waste materials. The Group works with a wide range of clients within the recycling and process industries on the practical development of new processing and collection methods.

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