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Axion Polymers introduces new recycled polymer colours

Source: Axion Group

Salford, UK: September 14 2012 --  

Axion Polymers has expanded its wide range of colours matched to exact customer requirements using its 100% recycled Axpoly® PS01 high impact polystyrene (HIPS) grade derived from refrigerator liners.


Beige, grey and pastel shades of blue, green and red are now included in the HIPS grades with performance equivalent to virgin polymer that are available from the Salford-based plastics recycler.


Axion says its Axpoly® product, manufactured to defined specification, offers customers cost savings of up to 20% compared to using virgin-based colour compounds, with no compromise on quality.


Suitable for injection moulding, the pre-compounded HIPS polymer also reduces resource consumption and can contribute to significant CO2 savings. As well as supplying specific colours, Axion can also modify formulations to achieve particular physical properties for various product applications.


“Manufacturers are increasingly looking to reduce material purchasing costs without compromising quality or performance,” says Neil Quinn, Axion’s Plastics Sales Manager. “They are also recognising that sustainability is also a major deciding factor at the point of purchase for end-users, so our recycled polymer range ticks a number of boxes for them.”


Axion’s extensive in-house colour-matching expertise means any colour can be supplied to precise customer requirements using specialist laboratory and compounding equipment. Using this pre-compounded coloured HIPS eliminates the need for injection moulders to blend masterbatches themselves.


Steve Bell, Axion’s Product Development Manager, who is a fully trained plastics colourist, says: “Our process gives better colour dispersion, resulting in improved visual quality of the final product as opposed to adding the masterbatch shade to the polymer when it is injection-moulded.”


Axion is currently working on a number of exciting colour projects with high profile companies and its custom-colour HIPS polymers are being supplied to customers in Europe, North America and China. Deliveries range from one tonne to full truckloads.


Market sectors interested in custom-colour Axpoly® PS01 grades include household products, stationery items, electrical equipment and general industrial goods.


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