Aztec Oil & Gas: Natural Gas Could Be Fuel of the Future


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Reuters Reports That Natural Gas Use Could Skyrocket Over the Next Two Decades, Particularly in Trucking Fleets -- Prompting the Response of Aztec Oil & Gas

HOUSTON, TX -- (Marketwire) -- 09/11/12 -- Natural gas is a familiar fuel to many Americans who rely on it to heat their homes, power their stoves, and keep their hot water heaters functioning properly. According to a recent Reuters report, however, natural gas use stands to skyrocket in the coming decades -- and not just because of its use in homes, but also because of the increased use of natural gas as a primary fuel source in trucking fleets. This report has won the attention of many energy industry experts, including Aztec Oil & Gas.

In a new statement to the press, Aztec Oil & Gas President Waylan Johnson says that natural gas could well be the key to unlocking America's energy future. 'Right now, it makes economic sense to prioritize natural gas, and to use it in as many scenarios and applications as we can,' Johnson remarks. 'Our nation's supply of natural gas is so abundant, and prices are so low, that it just makes sense to make good use of it now. Of course, it is impossible to say for certain what America's energy future really looks like, but it is difficult to imagine natural gas not being a part of it.'

Reuters projects that U.S. natural gas use could see a sharp increase in the coming two decades, particularly as a fuel source for trucks and fleet vehicles. The article notes that 'low prices and new infrastructure provide incentive' for trucking companies to make the switch to this relatively inexpensive fuel, choosing it over the long-preferred diesel.

The Reuters report also notes that U.S. natural gas supplies are historically abundant, thanks in large part to increased drilling activity in shale reserves. The abundance of natural gas had led to the lowest prices in more than a decade -- and according to Reuters, those prices are likely to remain depressed. 'The sheer abundance of natural gas means that it can be a financially prudent option for shipping companies and for truckers,' Johnson offers.

According to Reuters' projections, natural gas demand in fleet vehicles and large trucks could reach as much as 14 billion cubic feet per day come 2030. As of 2011, the rate was only 90 million cubic feet per day.

For Aztec Oil & Gas, the Reuters story has clear implications. 'Natural gas is often called a 'bridge fuel,' but this new data largely disputes that assessment,' says Johnson. 'If anything, natural gas can be the fuel of the future, and a major boon to the American energy landscape.'


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