B.C. TerraSphere technology passes food safety audit



Converted Organics Inc. has announced today that the British Columbia facility operated by TerraSphere, a subsidiary of Converted Organics, has passed the last step in the rigorous CanadaGAP certification process.

CanadaGAP (Good Agricultural Practices) is the name of the Canadian Horticultural Council's (CHC [FREE Stock Trend Analysis]) On-Farm Food Safety Program which was launched in 2008.

The program consists of national food safety standards and a certification system for the safe production, storage and packing of fresh fruits and vegetables. Six crop-specific manuals were developed for producers and packers to document all food safety-related procedures.

The manuals contain comprehensive guidance based on a rigorous hazard analysis using HACCP principles. The CanadaGAP program has become a very well-recognized standard and was recently benchmarked as meeting the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative.

The results of the audit of TerraSphere's facility were favorable. Upon completion, the auditor's report was sent to the Certification Body for a decision on certification and thereafter a Certificate was issued.

Toby Baker, spokesperson for the Squamish Nation, stated, 'We're pleased to see TerraSphere achieve this significant certification. Food safety is an increasingly important public health issue. Governments all over the world are intensifying their efforts to improve food safety.'

'These efforts are in response to an increasing number of food safety problems and rising consumer concerns. TerraSphere's certification confirms the effectiveness of the food safety procedures present in its operations,' he added.

Nick Brusatore, Co-founder and Technical Director of TerraSphere Systems, noted, 'Certification under CanadaGAP will expand the potential marketplace for TerraSphere's products and marks a further step in our cohesive effort to provide the people of British Columbia with locally-grown produce that is pesticide-free.'

TerraSphere designs and builds super-efficient vertical farming systems that grow a variety of crops in pollutant-free environments. The patented TerraSphere system is contained, which means crops can be grown year-round in any location, and at considerably higher yields than traditional growth methods.

The result is an abundance of fresh, cost-competitive produce. TerraSphere presently sells spinach under the Eco-Spirit label for its licensee, the Squamish Nation, through Choices Markets, Western Canada's largest natural and organic grocer.

About Converted Organics

Converted Organics' (Nasdaq: COIN) mission is to promote, develop and operate profitable innovative clean technologies that contribute to the improvement of our environment by use of sustainable business practices and the judicious use of natural resources. 

Converted Organics Inc. is currently composed of three primary lines of business at the intersection of Agriculture, Water and Waste Recycling. Each business contributes to our mission and uses sustainable business practices that protect and value the environment. The three lines of business are Organic Fertilizer (Converted Organics), Vertical Farming (TerraSphere Systems -, and Industrial Wastewater Treatment (Industrial Wastewater Resources).

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