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B & V Water backs Sir James Dyson’s call for engineering solution to drought problem


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B &V Water Treatment is backing a call by inventor Sir James Dyson for engineers to come up with an invention to help combat the current drought.

Sir James, the man behind the bagless vacuum cleaner, has thrown down the gauntlet to the world’s engineering students to emulate their Victorian predecessors and come up with an inspired solution to the problem.

So far Sir James has given a bursary to an American engineer whose invention reuses water from the shower to flush the loo and last year’s winner was an Australian student who used condensation from underground pipes to extract water using very little energy and deliver it directly to the roots of the plant.

B & V Water Treatment is at the forefront of a number of pioneering initiatives aimed at helping industries drastically reducing their non-potable water usage – both helping the environment and cutting costs.

Head of water treatment engineering at B & V, Kevin Byrne, said: “In line with B & V’s holistic approach to water and waste water treatment on all customer sites increased emphasis is being placed on control of water in, water within processes and water out. And we can only thank high profile entrepreneurs  like James Dyson for raising the profile of the importance of engineering in helping us solve some of the world’s greatest problems.”

B & V recently developed a revolutionary system which enables companies to tap into alternative water supplies while reducing their costs and their impact on their environment.

The system enables access to non potable water for industrial processes, thus conserving valuable drinking water supplies.

It also creates alternative water access opportunities for companies operating in drought affected countries, as canals, rivers and boreholes are not affected in the same way as the water sources for drinking water.

B & V’s engineering division is also continually developing ways of using river, canal and lake water for industrial and commercial establishments and has delivered the first zero carbon non-consumptive river intake and return loop in Europe.

The system will provide 2,575 kW of heating and cooling to a hotel and housing district scheme which, in addition to not consuming any water, especially for the cooling, the CO2 emissions will be zero.

It has also just launched a system, Chemwatch which acts as 24/7 on site water engineer, monitoring chemical imbalances and leaks enabling the user to remotely address the problems.

And it is the company behind Absulox, designed in partnership with former BBC Apprentice winner Tom pellereau, which kills all harmful microbes including E-coli, Legionella and Pseudomonas.

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