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Babcock Ranch Ft. Myers Florida will exemplify what Green Real Estate Education sees as the future of real estate


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Green Real Estate Education, the leader in certifying those professions the real estate arena is excited about a company who is leading an effort for development of a city in Florida that will be powered by the sun. The majority of this city and their electric needs will be generated from the largest on-site solar photovoltaic energy facility powering any city on earth. 'While developers and builders are not building more homes and suffering from the economic woes many are facing, Kitson Partners in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida are true visionaries.' says Kerry Mitchell, President of Green Real Estate Education. 'The development ideals of Babcock Ranch will define the new age in real estate and a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that all long for as they live, work and play.' Sid KItson who played football for the Green Bay Packers then with his team, spent years developing master planned communities has purchased 92,000 acres in two counties in Florida. An unpresedented 73,000 acres is being preserved by the State of Florida and Lee County. This is the largest single land preservation agreement in the Florida’s history.

Green Real Estate Education praises this type of commitment for the future of real estate growth and feels this is the only direction developers should take as they teach nationwide. Green Real Estate Education authors courses and teaches outreach efforts for market transformation in the real estate arena. They have certified and trained over 4,300 real estate professionals in how to implement green initiatives in their everyday practice. Green Real Estate Education offers the fastest growing 'green certification' program in the United States for the real estate industry. In what Green Real Estate Education calls their own economic stimulus package and a strong commitment to keep pricing under $100, they feel their pricing and continuing education model is a major factor of the company's success.

Each student can download a logo to use and will have a certification for their marketing and outreach efforts. Currently in many states their training is recognized not only by national organizations but also by state regulatory agencies for continuing education credits.
In addition to training the real estate industry on the basics of implementing green principles in everyday practice.

The Green Leadership Certification is their Level One, training in an introduction to green lifestyle ideals, energy efficiency, sustainability and green building. The training programs are customized to relate to each real estate professional including Real Estate Agents, Appraisers, Inspectors and Mortgage Professionals and their handymen, plumbers, electricians and all who work on the built structure. 'These are the professions that will assist Babcock Ranch in Florida to sell and market their residential and commercial properties and these ideals for a new way of life.' states Mitchell.

In just under 23 months, The “Green Building for Real Estate Professionals©- GL” Level One certification course has certified 4,300 in the real estate arena with many more scheduled for in 2009. Green Real Estate received the 2007 Promising Practice Award from Sustainable Florida.

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